Home with Your Dad and Your Fred 11-04-15

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It’s Wednesday and today was the first day I left you home with your dad and your Fred to get a longer sleep in the morning and spend the day playing and sleeping some more because that’s what you both did most of the day. I remember that day because of how much I wanted to take you with me and I remember looking down into your little house in the morning and seeing you all curled up in your fluffy bed. You always melted my heart…┬áBut I also think you were having a bit of a hard time being cooped up in your house at the office for 9 hours for the past two days… even though you spent most of those days corralled by my arms on your towel in front of me as I tried to work. Today you’d get be home all day free to play and annoy your Fred and have naps cuddled next to your Dad. Or more to the point on your dad as he tried to work too… such is the power that being our Queen B had over both him and me.



I seriously couldn’t wait to get home to my little family and see you! Your dad spent the day sending me photos which made me want to be home with you even more… I should have taken you with me! But this first day coming home melted my heart seeing you and your Fred waiting for me in the doorway with your dad behind you both revving you up. I’ll never forget your welcome Bubby Girl, even that first day when you were at the door and just as I got there your dad scooped you up, I gave kisses to Fred and then held your for a moment. But a moment was all you could contain before you wriggled in my arms to get down and circle my feet and bounce around the room. Such a wonderful memory, I miss your welcome every single day but your Fred makes sure to wait for me and I know you’re there too my Bubby Girl… my magical little girl, I love you.




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