Queen B (Betty) of Burlington 10-31-15

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We woke up so early, it was Halloween… October 31, 2015 and the excitement at the very thought that you’d be ours today filled both of us. We spent the morning setting up all your new things, making sure all of your toys were in your house. Your fully pink bed and your new pink paw print bowls just waiting for you…

By 11:00am it was time to go, so we told Fred we were heading out to bring you home and left him with dad as we drove to Lakeland anxious and beaming as new parents do just at the thought of you. Marking the moment with a happy selfie, I still remember the excitement in my heart at the very thought of you…


It was finally time… and there you were, so tiny! I couldn’t believe how little you were! I picked you up and you were such a wee little thing, you barely weighed anything but your eyes were full of wonder and life and hope… trying to figure out who we were as we welcomed you into our little family. The drive home I held you all the way, your little face looking up at me as I cried, so happy you were finally ours and we were taking you to your furever home and your new fluffy family too. Everyone was about to get a surprise… BooBoo, our oldest cat and Misty and Melly the kitten sisters who we got after the Mow had passed and Fred, your Bully… your playmate and soon to be best friend. I will never forget your little face as I held you and your dad drove us home… It’s forever branded into my heart and memory… I finally had my Betty. Our hearts was truly overjoyed.







You were so quiet on the ride home… I think your little life had been a bit of an up and down before we got you. So much so that you got sick on my shoulder while we drove home – I can remember every one of those first moments with you like they were yesterday

But all that was about to change as soon as we got you home… You were about to get loved like no one else could ever love you because are our Betty and we have thought of you and waited for you so very long, Even before you were born, we knew you were out there and you’d be ours soon.

When we walked in the house Fred was the first to see you and wondered instantly – what the heck is that!? As he watched you through the mesh of your new house. All of your new toys, all of the new smells and Fred nervously watching you and you watching Fred… I took the first photo of you in your new house, and I notice looking back that your fluffy piggy, which we tucked in with you to have forever after you’d passed, was right there with you when you first came home…


Fred’s first real sniffs of you came in your dad’s arms as he held you. It was so sweet watching you so calmly resting in his arms, you had barely made a peep of sound, not even a whimper. You were just scared and seeking out protection which we gave you ten-fold…









Your little eyes were so sleepy (we learned quickly that when your eyes were red you needed to sleep) but you fought that because there were so many new things to see and sniff and play with… like your Fred. You swept into the house like a whirlwind because you truly were the Queen B (Betty) of Burlington… and you lived up to your name immediately.

Your first day home was one of the happiest of my life… You were so quiet for about a hour and then once you settled in, the real Betty came to life. Boisterous and full of life, barking and running around the living room until you were scooped up, your little eyes red because you needed a nap but there was so much fun stuff to play with… When you finally calmed down for a minute, that’s when the photos of your little tail began ❤



You soon found your way into what became of your favorite “spots” …tucked up beside your dad, sometimes at his side and others draped over his protective arm. So sweet and warm, loved and protected… then you’d fall asleep when everything was just perfect for you.











Day turned to night… the first of many that first week where you would piddle or poop in your house. We’d get up and clean everything up before you’d go back to sleep. I’d give anything for another restless night with you my Bubby Girl… my Betty ❤

Sleep now baby girl… you’re forever loved our Betty.




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