Get Up… It’s a New Day 11-01-15

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I remember our first night with you… you slept for a bit and woke up and I took you right out and then back to bed we went but you got cuddled instead of being put back in your bed. By about 6am you were ready to get up… it’s a new day and everything was new for you, a new routine, and your first new day at home. It was Sunday and we spent the day spoiling you with another new treat, your very first Elk antler which you spent most of the day gnawing on while you laid on my lap. You were into everything and taking all of Fred’s toys. He wasn’t sure what you were or why you were “attacking” him and his toys, You tried so hard to jump up but all you had to do was come and do your little scratch on either of our legs and you learned fast we’d scoop you right up. You trained us almost immediately… what I wouldn’t give to feel your little paw scratching at my leg again.

My Bubby Girl… I miss your sweet little face and your big, soft ears so very much… 





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