1st Day at Work… New Friends 11-02-15

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The alarm went off before you even stirred, it was a big day today for you Bubby Girl, you were coming to work with me and I was so excited to have you with me all day long! The car was packed full of all sorts of things for you like your big soft-sided travel crate and a fluffy new bed for the office, new pink bowls to match the ones at home, food, treats, baby wipes (because I wiped your bum to make sure you were clean like all bully owners learn to do)… and your pink toy bag. You’re small enough that I can slip you inside and let your little face peek from the top when I carried you around. Who needed a special bag? Not you… you loved that little bag just as much as I did.

It was the same routine, up and out with your dad for a poop and a piddle but today there was a special car seat waiting for you! Your little pink harness all buckled in place… no going back to bed just yet our little angel face. You had an adventure waiting for you today. Everything was all packed up and ready to go, your dad helping me get everything in the car, and you, safe in your car seat as we said our see you later’s to your dad and Fred. Off we went… heading the beach for your very first day with me at the office. At first, you were unsure, your tired eyes trying to stay open as you went on a new, early morning adventure and right from the start I sang your song to you and got you all excited for the day…

We’re going to work today! We’re going to today! Dee dee doo doo do do do… We’re going to work today… TODAY! 




You were so good in the car that first morning, I wasn’t sure if it was because you were tired, or simply because you liked the car ride. Either way I was beaming, excited for our new day and what I hoped was going to be our on-going adventures too. I knew you’d love everyone and that everyone would love you. Plus it was just Tony and Greg in the office on that Monday so I knew you’d be in good hands with them too.

It took me a few minutes to get everything in the office, I left you in the car seat, watching you, watching me and listening to you sad little cries when I disappeared in the office only to rush right back out and finally get you. Those first few minutes were crazy but I fed you right away and you went right to sleep with a full belly beside me…


Once people started to arrive, it was a different story, you wanted out, you wanted to play and I spent the day going between our walks out in the parking lot trying to get you to piddle and poop to watching you play in your house or simply giving up and cuddling you… there was very little work done on our first day alone together and I’d not have had it any other way… Your toys were a bit lacking, but we made due. You were so sweet and playful, my heart aches with the thoughts of you and me and our time together. I wish I had so much more time with you Bubby Girl… I’ll love you forever.

The day consisted of eating, pooping, peeing… playing, peeing, eating, pooping, playing and sleeping. Every time the guys walked by the desk your little face popped up to see who it was. You were instantly on your back feet, your little paws braced to the side of the crate and within seconds you were whisked from one desk to another before you’d come back to me for a cuddle and a nap…



I remember the day vividly, it was just like yesterday. That’s what it feels like, but yesterday over two weeks ago when you were still with us… I can’t believe it’s been that long already, my heart hurts just thinking about it. I told your dad I’m just not that strong yet, and I cry most days missing you… I wish I could go back in time for one more moment with you in my arms, warm and soft, sleeping against me… knowing that you were loved beyond measure, my little Bubby Girl.


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