We’re Going to Work Today! 11-03-15

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You did so well at work with me that it was another day together and our new routine on Monday’s and Tuesday’s had officially begun. I can still remember looking down at you and seeing you like this… it’s truly like it was yesterday for me. Each day is a bit of a struggle now, work isn’t the same. I am suddenly sad and crying with memories of you and your sweet spirit as I sit at my desk each day since we lost you… I think for a moment the waves won’t drown me but then I am submerged all over again and floating on this endless sea of loss. You took a huge piece of my heart with you… some people don’t get it, other’s sort of do… but you were my baby girl and always will be.




Home again… Home again and in your spot. You claimed this very quickly and it a highlight of my day to have you wander over all sleepy eyed and wiggle your way into my lap so I’d give you space to lay on the sofa between my legs. You knew you were going to get rubbed and stroked while you slept and I think you sought it out from me as much as I loved and looked forward to it too…




You could sleep anywhere… as long as you were cuddled against me or your dad… the true champion sleeper of the family within days…








I look through photos of each day, remembering them one day at a time and how much joy you brought to me and your dad and Fred. It’s terribly painful but I miss you so much. Even though I sit here crying, I want to make sure every day we had with you is acknowledged and remembered. I will cherish every moment you were mine Bubby Girl… from the minute I found you until the end of time.

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